Buy seo software tools the most important steps in rankings

SEO requirements will help us identify your needs and expectations regarding the development of the future website. Generally incorporated into the contract , those specifications may also serve as a basis for your test plans that you’ll realize when your provider will provide you with various project deliverables . Specifically , these specifications may therefore have a legal value , if they are in the contract, in order to validate or not the work performed during development. This is an important document which you must work from the start of the project. So if you just put in the specifications, a section cleverly titled ” SEO ” and you put instructed ” the site must be well referenced on search engines ” , you will often “right in the wall ” . In fact , it means just nothing. For if , at the time of go-live of the site, you find that the site is simply not visible on Google because the technologies used, for example , are blocking , you will face two problems if you don’t buy an seo software:
Fiscal Impact: The purpose of a website is to bring you a return on investment , except that it is not visible on engines, it is useless . On most websites , the SEO is the number one source of traffic, so take into account this point and the frame early in the life cycle of the project. Also , we will have to make corrections , changes which means that you will have challenging developments , he’ll have to buy seo software not so much fit any upstream.

The provider’s liability : With that simple phrase ” the site must be well referenced on search engines “, if the site is indexed on page 20 of Bing, then legally , the site is registered you will not be able turn against him.It will be your own fault.
What should you put in the specifications ?
Basically, you can ” put whatever you want ,” load your provider to refuse to accept, or to guide you in choosing a particular technique or technology optimization. Below , you will find a non-exhaustive list of several items to be included in the project documents to fit a little bit your SEO strategy. After that, everything depends on the type of site and your expectations.
Techniques to be avoided

If you do not want the provider with whom you will work uses prohibited by search engines techniques, it should be mentioned , otherwise if you do not put her limits, which by definition can do all or any what. Some examples: doorway pages , cloacking , keyword stuffing , hidden text , linkwheel . Here, it is simply to specify the correct HTTP return codes based scenarios . I happened to work on some sites or pages of errors were 200 or even 500 redirects should be 301, 302 and so on. So when in doubt, you can use this list to specify HTTP headers . Among the main ones:
This is typically the case of the site using non- SEO-friendly technologies or site that requires identification before accessing pages. Well, there are many cases, but not if Googlebot accesses your page , how can they be indexed ? Here are some basic points to be specified in the project documents :
Javascript: How the provider will manage the links? or a navigation menu ? Especially avoid using javascript on these items.
Flash: A full flash website without HTML version? Pretty, but bad idea.
Iframes : It’s convenient is not it? But this call content from another web page so Googlebot will see a blank page then how this page will generate traffic if it appears empty ? However, providing a solution.

URL handling

There are a lot of cases you may or duplication of content via the URL handling and we all know it is not a good signal to send to Google. That is why it is better, from the outset , secure the following:
Redirect 301 extensions
Forcing URL Rewriting lowercase
Do not allow a still accessible URL with and without trailing slash
Redirect http to https to release
Some questions to ask :
Use URL rewriting or not?
How to handle URL parameters ?
What if adding ” exotic characters ” creates pages 200 ?
What is the URL structure ?

If you have a multilingual website , it is better to ask the right questions in advance. What could be more deceptive for a Belgian user to query and falling on the French version of the site. Imagine selling abroad is not possible since the French version is that the user will return to the site? Beyond this, there is also potential to manage duplicate content , so it is better to specify :
If the site has a TLD geolocated
Or if it will be managed subdomain or directory
Using hreflang

We all know the titles and their importance for SEO, but it can happen that the provider , web agency specializing in development , not mastered the ins and outs of SEO. When in doubt, I prefer specify all in the specifications :
A singlepage Themust contain the keyword Theshould describe the content of the page Keyword targeted early tag First 70 characters with the main topic of the page for clear display in SERP Management rules that will be used to clarify meta description by a different person who have to buy seo software for best optimization on google.

Ditto for the meta description , even if it is not used for positioning, it can play on the CTR in the search pages so in doubt :
A single description per page
The description should contain the keyword ( bold in the SERP )
The description should describe the content of the page
160 characters with the main topic of the page for clear display in SERP
Management rules that can be used should be specified .


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